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Interview of a Bonded Labour in Garment Industry of Surat

Mukesh (14 years)
Social Background
Mukesh said: I am a permanent resident of a village in Jaunpur, Uttarpradesh.My father is not alive. My elder brother is living with my mother and a sister. We have no land in my village. In Jan.2009 my brother has taken an amount of Rs.4000 at 4% interest from a Brahmin for my mother’s medical treatment. So he is working now as a bonded labour (Bandhua) for that Brahmin family. My mother also works in the houses of Brahmins and Thakurs. My sister is not more than five years but she works with my mother for some earning. Except it, my family always lives in a very bad condition. My cast is Harijan so we are hated persons in the society of our village. All lands of my village are in the hand of Sawarna people. So people of our cast are always lives in a brutish manner. Most of the young boys of my cast are working as a factory labour in Surat and Bombay. Only old people are staying there.
How you converted into a bonded labour
He said: In theses circumstances I came here with my neighbor in Sept. 2009. He is working here since 2003. He is married and living here with his wife. He is working in Manila Processors Pvt. Ltd, as a contract labour. He introduced me with a contractor of dyeing department of this factory. He gave me work in dyeing department as a helper. There are 10 other child worker in this department. Four of them lives at work place. My income is Rs 1300 pm. is very low in comparison to expenditure. So normally I am forced to take some advance from contractor.
Working condition
He said: All child workers have been forced to work because our parents are not in a condition to bear alone the expenditure of our family. So we want to support our family by doing this job. Our work is very dangerous and unhealthy but we have no option. We always play with chemicals but no safety equipment is given to us by contractor. Printing and dyeing work is very dangerous for us because we are not experts.
He said: Our normal working hour is 12. But some time in peak season it is 15-16 hours. There is no provision of double rate payment for overtime work. We work here day and night. After every 15 days my shift is changed. No night allowance is given to any worker. Majority of the workers in Majority of the workers in factory, who are contracted to work here on monthly basis are forced to finish their targets on time otherwise they will loose their job.
He said: Workers who work for daily wages as a regularly hired worker complain that they are forced to work in extra overtime period and even during weekly day off in peak season. October, November, December, May, June and July are peak season months. Most of the workers are working more than 90 hours per week in peak production season and some times peak production session may last even after December. Workers are approximately working more than 72 hours in Semi peak season. Attendance registers do exist but are often not signed. The company fills it in. Time records keeping are maintained separately.
He said: I find salary for 12 hour working but record maitaind by company shows it for 8 hour. We find single rate of payment for overtime work but company shows it on double rate. Permanent worker of company finds Rs 8000 finds for 26 days working although their working hour is similar to us. They find PF, ESI and other benefits. I am working here since September 2009 but I never find any Increment and other benefits given by company.
He said: Factory owner gives us medical help in case of any accident at work place. Company cuts Rs 100pm from our salary in for medical treatment but we never find ESI card.
In come and Expenditure of the respondent
Salary: Rs.1300pm for 12 hour working
Room rent: Rs 900/3= Rs.300
Ration: Rs600-700
Remittance: 200-300
(Interview taken by Devendra Pratap, Mb: 09719867313)

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