मंगलवार, 21 फ़रवरी 2017

Narendra Modi is as Manmohan singh for workers

There was about 250 small units of silver work in Jaunpur city of uttar pradesh before 1990. After new economic policy implemented in india by Manmohan singh, now in 2017 only 10 units are running. More than 5000 poor labour unemloyed, but no party come in favour of small scale industries and laboures of small cities, towns and villages. PM Narendra Modi is best fallower of Manmohan singh. He is implementing his Big corporate favouring policy very strictly. After 5 years we will find that thousands of small scale industries destroyed. Then People will find Modi same as Manmohan had done very cleaverly in past. In beginning of this year i was in Jaunpur. I go to understand nature of silver work job. After hole day street by street i find that silver work is finished. Remaining units are in very bad condition. In these units After whole day 12-14 hours working, a labour can hardly earn 50-60 rs against their wage. Demonetisation impact is very deep in this sector. Unit owner is not giving worker's wage in time, because he is also facing payment related problems from his customers.